Nano-and Micro-Electromechanical Systems

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* Hardcover: 352 pages
* Publisher: CRC; 1 edition (September 28, 2000)
* Language: English
* ISBN: 0849309166

Book Description

Nanoengineering and technology will change the very nature of most human-made structures, devices, and systems. Developing the basic theoretical foundations needed to design, develop, analyze, and prototype high-performance micro- and nano-mechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS), this text brings together the various methods, techniques, and technologies needed to solve a wide array of engineering problems. With interdisciplinary synergism, it focuses on basic studies of phenomena and processes in NEMs and MEMs, synthesis of nano-and micro-scale devices and systems, designing components, and much more. The author discusses the application and impact of these structures, devices, and systems to a variety of fields, including information technology, medicine, the environment, power systems, and national security.